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Gaelic Football Vs. Soccer: Which Sport Is Better

Globally, soccer is played by an estimated two-hundred and forty million people in two hundred countries. Whereas in Ireland, Gaelic football is played in every county with the exception of Kilkenny and Tipperary, where children are born with a hurl clasped in their tiny hands and football is considered by most to be a sinful waste of time.

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GAA teams are numbered 1-15. A soccer team reads like the lottery results. All soccer players wear shin pads. Some hurlers don’t even wear helmets. Television runs soccer. Schoolteachers run the GAA. The GAA is about where you’re from. Soccer is about who you like. No segregation at GAA games.

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theres a big difference between rawness in soccer and the lovely sport we all love gaa!

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Gaelic football, commonly referred to as football, Gaelic or GAA, is an Irish team sport. It is played between two teams of 15 players on a rectangular grass pitch. The objective of the sport is to score by kicking or punching the ball into the other team's goals or between two upright posts above the goals and over a crossbar 2.5 metres above the ground. Players advance the football up the field with a combination of carrying, bouncing, kicking, hand-passing, and soloing. In the game, two types

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Soccer and rugby are also very popular sports. Soccer in Ireland is played generally to a semi-professional level while rugby has become professional in recent years. Other traditional Irish sports in Ireland are horse-racing, fishing, handball and of course golf. Gaelic football

physiologicaldemands of Gaelic football

The percentage muscle massvalueswerelowerfor the Gaelic. players comparedto the soccerplayers (41.9±5.4vs. 47.3±5.2 %;p>0.005). For theGaelicandsoccerplayers, respectively,meanheartraterecordedduringeachhalfof match-playwere(157±10 and 158±12beats/min)and. (164±10and 157 ± 11beats/min),whilst blood lactates.

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Gaelic Football is played on a pitch approximately 137m long and 82m wide. The goalposts are the same shape as on a rugby pitch, with the crossbar lower than a rugby one and slightly higher than a soccer one. The ball used in Gaelic Football is round, slightly smaller than a soccer ball.

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Gaelic football combines the suspense of soccer, the skills and scoring of basketball, and the speed of the fastest sports in the world in a free-flowing act...

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